How to Get Better Sleep

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images (41)Breakthrough Sleep Research by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson: 

There are several stages of sleep which people pass through in the course of a good restful night. In each stage our sleep gets deeper, our bodies get more relaxed and our brainwave patterns slow down.

Delta sleep is the most physically relaxed stage of sleep and is the  time when the body recuperates and rebalances itself for the new day. Getting enough sleep but more specifically enough Delta sleep, is essential for healthy, productive living.

How This Program Can Work For You – Play Delta Sleep System on any ordinary stereo or through headphones. Pulses of sound embedded into an ambient musical soundtrack, combining rich orchestration and “3-dimensional” sounds of nature will coax your own brainwaves toward their natural pattern of deep Delta Sleep.

In this audio you will learn:

About the natural cycles of sleep and how they effect you –

How to use Delta Sleep System to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up rejuvenated –



Insomnia – Can’t Sleep You’re Not Alone. Causes And Cures

My husband has been suffering from insomnia lately and I didn’t give it much thought until I started to read about sleep apnea and saw that he is suffering from many of the symptoms. Sleep apnea deprives the body of sleep and also of oxygen. If left untreated it’s going to get worse and could endanger your life.

One can find some well-known sleep apnea symptoms of how to stop snoring which you must take note. By far the most apparent symptom is usually a continuous feeling of sleepiness all through the day and unable to concentrate on their perform. Some significant sufferers may perhaps even fall asleep while talking with someone. The primary cause for this is resulting from the continuous interrupted sleep all through the night. The other sleep apnea symptoms of how to stop snoring contain sweating profusely for the duration of sleep, gasping or choking, unusually loud snoring and waking suddenly frequently to catch breath. Aside from that, some side-effects of sleep apnea can also have an effect on your every day life-style. Due to the slight raise in circulating acid in your body as your digestive system is not rested via the night, some sleep apnea sufferers could possibly get heatburn in the morning. Because of lack of concentration, you might also lose interest in many issues, such as sex. There is also a possibility of acquiring high blood pressure. If you happen to uncover oneself getting the sleep apnea symptoms of how to stop snoring listed above, it is fairly most likely that you are suffering from sleep apnea. Never ever take it lightly because it may very well be life threatening. Get it treated instantly. If you have accomplished the sleep apnea treatment investigation and concluded or suspect which you suffer from sleep apnea, the very first step is usually to speak to your general physician. Your physician will most likely give you a specially designed apnea mask which can be produced to fit the shape of the face and forces air into your lungs when that you are asleep. Treatment Solution 2 – Yet another sleep apnea treatment alternative that you can do yourself is to raise the headboard on your bed a superb 3 to 5 inches from the floor with bed raisers. This may support by permitting gravity to pull the weight of your body downward, thus removing substantially with the pressure in your throat and helping you to breathe in a much less restricted manner. Sleep apnea is also really widespread amongst those with hypertension and who have a habit of binge eating. As such, an further sleep apnea treatment alternative revolves about the idea of sustaining a normal eating plan having a set eating schedule. This will aid in lowering you blood pressure when also decreasing the risk for additional symptoms.





A collection of crafty and thrifty ideas


My kids have so many toys.   I think I may flip completely if another bloomen’ stuffed animal comes through the door.  I mean really, how is it possible for them to love every one of those things?  With every birthday and Christmas comes the challenge of organizing all of those new toys.  There are some great kids toy organizing ideas out there and I have employed a few of them myself. That is a whole other post (coming soon).

This year for my little girls 3rd birthday I wanted to give her something special. Something that would not mess up the precise organization of the play room.  I came across this cute little bed, and the plans.  I knew it would be the perfect gift for my baby doll crazed girl.

Mr Chaos took the challenge of making the bed while I went through my fabric stash for the quilt.  There was enough scrap wood in the garage to make the whole bed, with only a few modifications from the original plan.  There was also enough premier and paint to paint the bed.

Thankfully my neighbor had some 1.5 inch foam that she was not using.  We cut that to the fit, and voila… a mattress.

For the quilt I used a 4+1 pattern.

Side note: When my first daughter was only 3 months old I took a quilting class at a local quilt shop.  It was the best thing I could have done. I learned the basics of quilting, it was a great place to start. In the class I made a lap size quilt of the 4+1.

I was going to use a simple pattern but the fabric screamed 4+1 patch. The birdy fabric is her favorite in the stash. I am so happy with how it turned out.

The `sheet set` is just a piece of broad cloth made into a tube sized to fit over the foam.  I sewed the rick-rack on to make it look like the sheets were folded down.  I wanted to make the bedding as simple as possible.

At three years old making her own bed is difficult, I can`t imagine she would ever make this bed.  In the future I will make her a pillow and more intricate bedding, but for now this is age appropriate.

She was a happy little mom on her birthday. And thankfully Dad made the bed really strong, she has already tried jumping on it!




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